The Step-by-Step Guide to make money blogging

Instructions on setting up a self hosted Wordpress Blog

make money blogging

Is it possible to make money blogging? Blogging is a great way to make extra money, or even a full-time income. I launched Work at Home Inspiration just a few months ago and I am already seeing some income from it. My primary source of income is still freelance writing, but my favorite is this blog!

I know a ton of bloggers who are making a living blogging, and you don’t have to have a huge audience to do it. Just a lot of determination and a little bit of knowledge, and you’re on your way!

It’s okay to go into this thing without much know-how. We all start there and usually learn along the way. I learn something new every single day about blogging, and it’s honestly so much fun!

That’s why I created this guide to help you get started blogging, and show you EXACTLY how to set up a money-making blog of your own. Once you’ve completed this guide, you’ll have a fully-launched WordPress website set up and ready to go make money blogging.

Are you ready to make money blogging?

Choose Your Niche

Choosing your niche is one of the most important components,  if you want to make money blogging.

Before you even get started, you need to decide what you’re going to blog about. Nobody can decide that for you because it needs to be something you are passionate about and won’t get tired of.  It is going to take some commitment if you want to make money blogging.  I cannot express the importance of choosing a niche you are passionate about.

Also, don’t get stuck thinking you have to be an expert in your niche. A lot of bloggers start blogging about topics they have very little knowledge in, but are passionate about learning.

The best way to do this is by brainstorming. Take pen to paper and write down all your hobbies and interests, even some you may have had in the past. Then write down anything you are knowledgeable about.

Just to help you get started, here are some profitable blogging niches. See if any of your interests intersect with any of these:

  • Couponing and Budgeting
  • Personal Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Parenting
  • Travel
  • Photography

If you’re not sure if your chosen blog topic will resonate with an audience, search for the topic on Pinterest, Google, or other social media sites. If anyone is talking about it, there’s probably an audience for it!

The more specific your niche, the better. Then you’ll have a dedicated fan base that knows exactly what to expect when they visit your site.

Choose a Domain Name

Once you’ve narrowed down your blog topic, it’s time to pick a domain name. When someone finds your blog for the first time, they need to know exactly what your blog is about, so picking a name that reflects that is a good place to start.

I always like to start on the GoDaddy homepage once you’ve got a few names picked out so you can see if they’re available. I don’t necessarily recommend buying your domain name here. I would recommend purchasing your domain through the hosting service you pick such has bluehost.  Godaddy is  just an easy page to quickly check your choices.

You can also start a blog using your own name as a domain. Lots of successful bloggers do it, and their topics range from blogging to personal development. For a couple of examples of what I mean, check out Sarah Titus and Amy Lynn Andrews.

It’s best to use a domain name that’s easy to spell and remember.

That’s why, for the sake of simplicity, I recommend purchasing your domain directly through your hosting provider.

Choose Your Host

Once you’ve chosen your domain name and made sure it’s available, you’ll need to decide which host you want to use.

My recommendation?

BlueHost. I only recommend BlueHost because I’ve used the others and this is the one with the best customer service and prices. They also have a super easy WordPress installation.

But Host Gator and GoDaddy also have hosting packages you can check out and decide which is right for you.

For this walkthrough, I’m using BlueHost, but if you choose another host, the process should be pretty similar.

Getting Started with BlueHost

When you click on the BlueHost link, you’ll see a screen like this:


Click the green button to get started.

1. Choose Your Plan

Next, you’ll be taken to a screen that summarizes all the available plans.


If you’re starting out with one website, the basic plan is really all you need. You can always upgrade later if you decide to add more websites.

Now, you’ll register the domain name you chose.


And then, fill out your account information.


On the same screen, you’ll also make your final package choice, and choose any extras. The only extra I completely recommend to start with is the Domain Privacy Protection. This keeps your contact information private when someone searches your domain.

2. Make the Purchase!

Enter your billing information and get ready for the fun part!

3. Install WordPress

You should receive email instructions on how to log into your cPanel.

You’ll then click on the “Install WordPress” icon to start the process. Then, you’ll be directed to a screen to install the latest version and click on the “Start a Brand New Install” icon.

On the next screen, you’ll be directed to pick the domain to install WordPress to. If you only bought one, it will be available by default.

The next screen will have a place for your information.Name your site and keep a record of your admin username and password. Now, click “Install Now.”

You’re done!

You are now a full-fledged website owner and now ready to make money blogging.  When you’re ready to start customizing your site, you’ll just need to login by going to your domain name, followed by /wp-admin.

Once you’re logged in, there’s all kinds of customizations you can make. You can choose from different themes, plugins and content.

Don’t be intimidated. You can find out how to do almost anything on YouTube if you’re not sure what to do.

If you have any questions, let me know below and I’ll do my best to answer them, or point you in the right direction.

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2 thoughts on “The Step-by-Step Guide to make money blogging

  1. Hi. Once you made your website on blue host. How long till you started to see some income. And how were you able to make fans?

    • Hi Jennifer!

      I started very slowly and didn’t spend much time on my blog for a long time, but honestly, the month after I started putting more effort into writing and promoting my posts, I started seeing a small amount of Adsense income. If you are willing to put in the hours, you could possibly have much faster progress than I did!