Ryan Helms – The creator of the Side Hustle Journal

Recently, I came across the Side Hustle Journal created by Ryan Helms.  I’ve been side hustling for several years, and I have never had a consistent way of organizing my goals, thoughts, and ideas for my side hustle.

Side Hustle Journal

As I reviewed Ryan’s Kickstarter campaign, I was so impressed that I  immediately purchased two side hustle journals. One for me and one to give way to my readers.

If you would like a copy of the Side Hustle Journal click here. This is the first Kickstarter Campaign that I have ever supported.  

Ryan was kind enough to do a short interview with us!

SHInspiration:  What was your first side hustle?

Side Hustle Journal

Ryan HelmsIn 2013 I started helping people with health and fitness related things such as creating workouts and providing nutrition guidance. In the beginning, I was doing this for free but quickly realized that if you want to help people, you need to charge them money. Some people struggle with this, but once you start charging people for a service or advice, they will start acting on your instructions.

In my example, I would spend a few hours typing up a workout and nutrition plan for someone and never hear back from them, or they would never start. As soon I started charging people, the clients started getting results. The more I charge, the better the results. Once I got back, I started CoporateFit.us. This was my first legit side hustle that I approached with intention.

SHInspiration: If you could give one piece of advice to new side hustlers, what would it be?

Ryan Helms:  Stop thinking and start yesterday. Too many people wait for the perfect time or the perfect idea – neither of which will ever come.

What motivated you to create the side hustle journal?

Ryan Helms: After my trip to Africa I started the blog mentioned above, and throughout that process, I had a ton of people ask me how I was able to manage everything I had going on. You see, I was traveling a ton for work, juggling life, and bootstrapping this website. When I stepped back and looked at it, I realized I was following a quite defined daily process. I put the process on paper, created a system to help with everything from concept development to setting milestones, and the output was the journal.

SHInspiration:  The Side Hustle Journal is based upon the molehill system.  What exactly is the molehill system?

Ryan Helms: The Molehill System is how the side hustle journal ensures success. It starts at the highest possible level in someone’s journey, which is defining their “why.” This does not mean something like: I want to start a business. You must dig deeper – why do you want to start a business. Is it to spend more time with the kids? To travel the world? To pay off student loans? To become debt free? Once you define this, then you will be able to power through any obstacles along your journey because you will be able to harness your “why.” In addition to this, you will define your Ultimate Goal, set 3 milestones, establish three weekly goals, and each day you will set 3 micro goals. The Molehill System has a primary goal of consistently moving the needle and getting you closer to your goal every single day.

SHInspiration:  What would be your dream side hustle?

Ryan Helms: As cliche as it sounds, anything that can have a great impact on people. I want that to be the primary outcome of the side hustle because I know if that happens, I will also benefit by default. Put your customers/ clients first, and your success will be a result of theirs.

SHInspiration: How can people reach out to you?

Ryan Helms: On every social media channel, I can be reached at @gritandhustleco.  You can also email me directly at Ryan@gritandhustle.co

If you would like a copy of the Side Hustle Journal click here. This is the first Kickstarter Campaign that I have ever supported.

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