Pat Flynn: Building a Multi-Million Dollar Empire Giving Stuff Away

Any time I look for inspiration as an entrepreneur, I always tend to look to Pat Flynn. Why? Well, for starters, he kind of came by his first online income stream by accident. Then he built a HUGE million-dollar-a-year business being what he calls a “crash dummy” for online entrepreneurs. Intrigued? I know I was […]


17 business tips offered almost a century ago

Recently, I was cleaning out my desk and I found an old pamphlet titled Dale Carnegie’s Golden book.  Dale Carnegie was a bestselling author and motivation speaker in the early to mid 20th century. Dale Carnegie’s advise is timeless.  You can take the principles that Mr. Carnegie taught almost a century ago and use them […]


10 Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur and someone who works with entrepreneurs, I can tell you without a doubt that the successful entrepreneurs possess certain characteristics. Things that make them unique, driven and focused. But I can also tell you without a doubt that some of these characteristics can be learned. I know this because I’m still developing some […]

Successful Entrepreneurs

Small Home Business Ideas You Can Launch For Only $100

When it comes to starting a business, it’s a common misconception that entrepreneurs need a lot of money to start out. Aside from sizable capital, there are other prerequisites that are other expenditures that new business owners need to consider such as business plans, a physical office, complicated legal matters and much more. However, there […]

Small Home Business

Top Productivity Hacks from the Rich and Famous

Nobody knows productivity like…well…the productive. Would you agree? Here’s the thing – the richest people in the world who have created their own wealth have learned a thing or two about what it takes to make the most of their time. If you’re anything like me, I sometimes struggle with staying on-task and getting as […]


Top 8 Mistakes New Freelance Writers Make…and How to Avoid Them

Listen, everybody makes mistakes, especially when you’re just starting out in a new career. The entire reason I know about these top 8 mistakes that freelance Writers  make is because I made most of them myself! It’s not important how badly you mess up, but how quickly you learn from it. If you’re a new […]