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Recently, we interviewed Randy Norton with Virtual Assistant Classroom.  They specialized in Virtual Assistant training.  They have  trained over 10,000 students to become virtual assistants.  They offer 6 virtual assistant training niches such as Social Marketing, Virtual events and technology. One of the major benefits of becoming a virtual assistant is the ability to work remotely.  You can live in Columbus, Ohio and work for a company located in New Mexico.
If you have ever thought of becoming a virtual assistant, you might consider checking out VAClassroom.

Virtual Assistant Training
On with the Interview!
SIDEHUSTLE: What exactly is a Virtual Assistant?
RANDY: A Virtual Assistant is a freelance professional that offers virtual administrative, marketing, writing, business management, and technology services to clients on a project, hourly or retainer basis.

SIDEHUSTLE: What does a typical day look like for a VA?

VA tend to set their own schedule as many of their projects and tasks are deadline driven, so they work where they want when they want. VA will typically set some regular hours that they work each day, but LOVE the flexibility to live the location-independent lifestyle.

SIDEHUSTLE: Is this something you can do on the side and still keep your full-time job? 

RANDY: Some Virtual assistants start their business to supplement their full-time income, but often realize that the income potential as a VA is greater than their current employment. But, yes, VAs often have more than one job!

SIDEHUSTLE:  Why is proper training important for a Virtual Assistant to get started right?

We exist in a “skill-based economy” where “what you know and what you can do” is what really matters. So, with the rapidly evolving technological landscape, Virtual Assistants need to take specialized training that will give them the exact skills clients are needing right now!
SIDEHUSTLE: Explain what the VA Classroom is? 
RANDY: VAClassroom is the #1 Online University for Virtual Assistants around the world. Over the past nine years, VAClassroom has had the privilege of training and equipping over 10,000 Virtual Assistants in more than 50 countries. VAClassroom offers VA business start-up and skill-based training to prepare new and existing VAs for a profitable, long-term business career. VAClassroom University is open for enrollment three times per year in January, May and September and runs on a Semester system and features over 45 training programs and courses. VAClassroom also offers a supportive learning community as well as a VA Directory and Job Board!
SIDEHUSTLE: We all love success stories. Share a success story with us. 
RANDY: One of our students, Tiffany was working as a Paralegal for many years, but was tired of the long hours and long commute and was looking for a new opportunity. She came across VAClassroom and immersed herself in the training. She started to network on LinkedIn and connect with other law firms that were needing web marketing and social media services. She landed her first two clients and things took off from there. Within a year of starting, she left her full-time job as a Paralegal to running her fast growing VA business.

Click here to watch a video of Tiffany’s journey to becoming a successful Virtual Assistant!


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