Notice anything different around here?

Even if you haven’t caught it yet, you might appreciate this story:


Several years ago, I had some friends who decided to change their two-year-old son’s name after they both became born-again Christians. They tackled all the paperwork and legal stuff they had to in order to get it done because they wanted him to have a biblical name. It was a lot of work, but in their minds, it was completely worth it.

Was is necessary?

Probably not. But their mission was to dedicate every area of their lives to their Christian faith, and their son’s new name would be a bold representation of that. I get it!

But, why do I share this story?

As you have probably noticed, we have changed our domain name from “Work at Home Inspiration” to “Side Hustle Inspiration.”

Was it necessary? Probably not. But we wanted a name that was more in line with our mission to inspire our readers to either start or continue their side hustle! We wanted a name that fit who we are and who we hope to be around here. We hope the name accomplishes that, and we’d love your feedback!

Thanks for being a loyal reader!

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