Do you see any Grammatical issues with this Post?

I was on a hunt for a Grammatically Correct Sentence Checker that was Free!

I needed help with my grammar.

People automatically assume that because you are a blogger, that your grammar must be excellent.

I would be embarrassed for you to read my posts before edited.

I admit it.  I stink at Grammar!

I pay between $25 – $50 a post to have a blog post professionally edited, which is a very fair price.  The lady that reviews my post does an excellent job at making my post sound polished!

However,  it would be helpful to have a Grammatically Correct Sentence checker that would review my emails and other articles that I write.  It would also give my wife a break, who helps with editing my writings.

I was intrigued when I came across Grammarly. They boast of having algorithms that will catch over 400 spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.  Grammarly was developed by the world’s top authorities on linguistic technology. They are very aggressive at keeping Grammarly updated and always are adding new features.

You can install Grammarly extension on Chrome, Safari and Firefox. You can also install a Microsoft Word Add-in. These features allow you to use Grammarly on everything that you write.

Is It Possible for a Grammatically Correct Sentence Checker to work?

It makes sense for a spell checker to function properly.  However,  there are many variables when it comes to Grammar, and I had my doubts on whether a grammar checker would work.

I decided to give a try.  Perhaps, there is such a thing of a Grammatically Correct Sentence Checker working correctly.

Signing up was easy.  It only took a few minutes.

Grammatically Correct Sentence Checker

If you like to try Grammarly, Please click HERE

The screen below is what it  looks like once you log in:

An Overview Video of Grammarly

Below is what it looks like when I placed this post within Google Email:

best grammar checker software

Grammarly Free Version Vs. Premium Version:

There is a free and paid version. Below are screenshots of this article filtered with the free and premium version.
Free VersionGrammarly Free Version
Premium Version

Grammarly Correct Premium Version

Grammarly Plagiarism Check

Sometimes, I will hire writers for different projects.  I like to check to make sure the article that they wrote is not plagiarized. That is a big no no when it comes to ranking in Google.

Below is a product description that I pulled off of the internet and ran it through the Grammarly Plagiarism Check.  32 words are unoriginal.  If you look closely to the bottom right, it states that 63% of the product description is unoriginal.


Grammarly Plagiarism Check

If you owned an e-commerce store and had copied this product description from the manufacturer, it would never rank high on google.

Not only is Grammarly Plagiarism Check helpful to professors and writers but it is beneficial for business owners.

Below is what the Plagiarism filter found when I ran this post through it.


Plagiarism Checker

My Final Conclusion

I plan to continue using Grammarly, but it will not take the place of the editor that I use.  She offers a lot of value other than correcting grammar mistakes.

I found Grammarly to flow well with whatever writing platform I am using.

If what has kept you from starting a blog is your Grammar weakness than the Premium version might be an excellent investment.   Grammarly does offer a discount if you pay annually.

Now, I will go and use Grammarly to correct all my grammar mistakes before I post this blog post.  🙂


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