11 Local Side Jobs You Can Do Without Getting Online

Everyone could use a little extra money now and then, and there are literally thousands of entrepreneurial things you can do to earn it. Hopefully you caught the article we wrote about online side hustles. If not, you can read that here.

Local Side Jobs

The truth is, while there are a lot of great things you can do online to make extra cash, not everyone wants to jump into an online business. For whatever reason, you may just be someone who is more comfortable earning money locally and dealing with people face-to-face. And that’s perfectly okay, because guess what? There are plenty of local side jobs you can do – as soon as this weekend – without spending hours online and learning new technology. There are things you can do right where you live to get ahead on your bills or save up for that trip to Hawaii.

Want to hear them?

11 Local Side Jobs you can do right now:

1. Drive for Uber

Sites like Uber and Lyft have gotten a great reputation as a profitable local side hustle in recent years. If you have a car that meets their requirements, you could have a job tonight! What’s great about this local side job is that you only pick up jobs when you want to. Your time is your own and you can make as much or as little as you’d like. Going to the diner on 6th Street? Why not pick up a customer on the way that’s going the same direction? Make enough to cover your meal and meet some new people at the same time.

2. Do Micro Tasks

Apps like TaskRabbit and Takl connect laborers like you with people who need help. While TaskRabbit’s tasks tend to be a little easier, like picking up groceries or helping someone clean, Takl is more for the handyman type tasks, like yardwork or simple carpentry. You will find a little bit of all on both apps, though. This is another great way to earn a few bucks with a little bit of spare time.

3.  Lawn Care

Yep, just like you used to do as a kid – good old-fashioned lawn mowing. You’re probably mowing your own yard anyway. Why not ask the neighbors if they need some yard work done too? You can also expand this service to snow-shoveling and leaf-raking. Whatever they need that you’re willing to do!

4.  Referee a Game

Referees are in high demand and it usually pays pretty well. If you’ve got a thick skin and know a thing or two about sports, call your local school superintendent’s office. They usually know exactly who to put you in contact with to get you trained and wearing a whistle by the weekend.

5.  Walk the Dogs

Walking dogs or even just sitting with them while the owners are away can bring in a full-time income in some larger cities. Advertise your services on your local Facebook pages and you’ll be scooping up the poop dough in no time!

6. Tutor

Do you have a head for math? With the pressures of school these days, many parents seek outside help for their kids to help them stay on top of their grades. You can advertise your services through social media and also let your local schools know you’re available for hire.

7. Sell Some Stuff

You don’t have to know the ins and outs of Amazon and eBay in order to be a reseller. Lots of people make pretty decent profits flipping stuff on Craigslist. Sure, you still have to get online for a few minutes to list your ad, but the majority of the work is done in person.

You can also list your goods in local Facebook selling groups or sell them in a garage sale. The market will depend on the items you sell.

8. Clean House

Cleaning houses may not be glamorous but it can actually pay pretty well. The best way to start is by asking around to find out how much other housekeepers charge in the area and either matching that price or going a little lower. Let your friends know what you’ll be doing and don’t forget to give yourself a shout-out on social media.

9. Rent Out a Room

Do you have an extra room you wouldn’t mind someone sleeping in? You can use sites like Airbnb to rent it out, or even rent out your whole house while you’re away. You can also contact local medical schools and let them know you have a room to rent for medical students doing rotations. There are always people looking for a place to sleep!

10. Sell Baked Goods

Baked goods sell especially well around the holidays. People are busy and would rather buy home-baked goods than frozen pies at the grocery store. Facebook makes it easy to advertise these services because you can add photos for everyone to see. You can display them all on your own page or join some group selling pages to reach more people.

11. Be a Handyman

You don’t have to download an app to be a handyman. You can certainly just advertise your services the old-fashioned way, like in the local newspaper and by word of mouth. If you can fix things like broken hinges and faulty plumbing, you could easily become the go-to person in your neighborhood.

The fastest way to start making money on your own is to capitalize on your skills. What are you already good at? What are your friends always asking you to help with?

There’s a good possibility that whatever it is, there is money to be made if you will just start putting a price tag on it and ask your friends to spread the word. It doesn’t have to be difficult to earn a little extra cash if you’re willing to put in a little hard work! 

What skills could you use to start your own local side hustle?

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