10 Re-Sellers Who Make a Killing Selling on eBay

Selling on ebay

Wanna know how to make big bucks selling on eBay? It is totally possible, and if you frequent thrift stores and garage sales, you’re already half-way there!

I piece together a living online each and every month, and the way I started out was selling on eBay or otherwise known as flipping for profit on eBay. I built my eBay store up to a $500 a month business, only working a few hours a week. But there are many people who do it for a full-time living. One example is work-at-home mom, Sarah Titus. She made a great living on eBay while she was building her blog.

I still sell on eBay occasionally, especially when I travel. I like making a little extra cash for trips! The way I got started was following some experts online who make a good living flipping on eBay. Most of the resources are free and totally fun to watch and read.

If you need access to training courses to help you get started, you might consider Lynda.  They offer a 10 day free trial.  I have used Lynda to take several online courses and have been impressed by the professionalism of their teachers.

Lynda is an online learning platform that I am a member of.  They offer over 95  courses on eBay.    Click here to get a free 10 day trial.

If you’re ready for this cool work-at-home opportunity, visit some of these peeps, and get to flippin’!

1. Jason T. Smith – Selling on Ebay

First up on the list is Jason T. Smith, from the short-lived Spike TV show, Thrifting with the Boys. Jason’s been earning a good living on eBay for a lot of years and doesn’t mind sharing his secrets. He even shares the link to his eBay store so you can see exactly how he does it. It’s called Tiki Pug Music, but he now sells mostly plus-size clothing.

He has a weekly YouTube show with another eBayer that’s really fun to watch, or you can watch some of his older clips with his old TWTB partner, Bryan Goodman.

2. Scavenger Life

The couple from Scavenger Life is pretty cool to listen to and read about as well. They publish monthly income reports on their blog, and weekly podcasts and videos talking about their thrift hauls, and showing you what sold in their eBay stores that week.

3. Gilldaddy

The Gillmans have moved on to sell mostly on Amazon with private labeling now, but when I first started learning about eBay, they were the go-to eBay gurus. You can still go to their eBay channel and watch the older videos where they show you everything they bought and how much it would sell for. Their channel is great for everyday flippers because they sold a lot of common household items and parts. They’ll teach you how to part out things like coffee pots to make more money.

4. Entrepreneur Girl

Tracy at Entrepreneur Girl does a little bit of everything, including stock trading and Amazon, but she has some really great videos on getting started on eBay from a couple of years ago. She bought and sold a lot of children’s items, and has a really great system for organizing her inventory.

5. Golden Finger Picker

Chad and Kim call themselves the “Golden Finger Picker” and the “Florida Picking Queen.” Their YouTube channel is still 100% selling on eBay, and you’ll learn a ton about what sells, from toy cars to sports equipment.

6. Hart Pickers

Hart Pickers flips mostly men’s clothing and posts haul videos showing what he buys and how much he sells it for. His channel is great for gathering a list of the best-selling brands to keep on hand for thrift store stops.

7. The Queen of Auctions

Lynn Dralle calls herself the Queen of Auctions. She specializes in dinnerware and has a whole slew of guides, eBooks, books and videos for sale that will teach you how to make big bucks selling on eBay. She also shares the link to her store, where you can see what she sells.

8. Alabama Pickers

Another picking couple to watch on YouTube is the Alabama Pickers. They pick up a little bit of everything and show their thrift hauls every week.

9. Dallas Moore

Dallas Moore is another re-seller who seems to be selling more on Amazon lately. Nevertheless, his videos showing you what sells are still valuable. He sold a lot of vintage items. Think rotary phones and old light fixtures.

10. Suzanne Wells

Suzanne Wells not only offers up information on selling on eBay on her blog, she also offers eBay coaching and eBooks to take you to the next level.

Ready to Flip?

Selling on eBay is a fun and profitable way to make a living or a side income if it’s something you like doing. My advice is to start small and set up a good system for handling and shipping inventory. Follow some of these re-sellers who are doing it well, and learn how they streamline their business.

There’s no reason you can’t be earning 6 figures selling on eBay like some of these re-sellers!

Lynda is an online learning platform that I am a member of.  They offer over 95  courses on eBay.    Click here to get a free 10 day trial.


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3 thoughts on “10 Re-Sellers Who Make a Killing Selling on eBay

  1. I started out selling on ebay 12 year ago. Back then it was a lot easier to make to make money selling used items. Now the fees and postage are pretty high and you have a lot of online retail stores and drop shippers. I used to make a lot of money on Ebay. Went on several vacations even with ebay money. I even write a book about selling on ebay with tipsand tricks I learned. How to sellon ebay like a boss, seller secrets revealed. It is possible to still make a living on ebay but you meed to be prepared and start small or it’s easy to take it to a mord than full time job for half the pay. I would say stick to a niche, one that you know a lot about. I started listing everything I could think of and it made it so hard. With one consistant item you only have to store one type of box or packaging. You know the postage by heart and you know what it’s worth for buying and selling. Also, make friends with thrift stores. This is key. That way they know what your looking for and can hold items for you. I have a thrift store friend who does this and it has been the key to a nice return.